What is Gun Crime?
The term gun crime is used to describe the act of committing a criminal offence by using a gun.

Firearms laws also make it illegal to carry a gun without a proper licence, even if the weapon is not used.

What is Knife Crime?
The term knife crime is used to describe when there is use of a knife in order to carry out a criminal offence.

Simply being in possession of a knife in a public location is also considered to be a criminal offence in the UK.

Gun & Knife Crime: Firearms, Gun Possession & Illegal Weapons
Accusations of gun and knife crime are extremely serious. Charges of firearm possession or gun possession, or the handling of illegal firearms and illegal weapons, can result in a minimum prison sentence of 5 years.

If you, a family member or friend have been arrested by the Police for a gun or knife crime, or for the possession of illegal firearms or illegal weapons, then it is essential to Contact Us immediately, no matter what stage your case is at.

Legal aid for cases of gun & knife crime may also be available.

Minimum Sentences for Gun Crime
Charges of firearm possession or gun possession now carry minimum sentences, and the minimum sentence that this young man was facing was 5 years imprisonment.

The only way that his sentence could be reduced was if the Court found exceptional circumstances. This would then enable the Judge to impose a lower term.

Because of representations to the Court, the Judge accepted that he could exercise his discretion to reduce the minimum term to 3 years imprisonment.

The Advocacy involved being able to highlight why it would have been wrong in principle to impose a five year sentence, when a younger more experienced co-defendant would have received a lesser penalty.

It does show the necessity for expert legal advice in relation to sentencing matters. Gun crime cases can be notoriously difficult to deal with during the course of a Crown Court Hearing. As such, an experienced criminal lawyer is required.