Family Law Solicitors

Divorce & Family Law

Divorce or relationship breakdown can be a stressful and emotional time. You have important decisions to make about your future, your children, your finances and maybe even your business.

Our divorce and family law solicitors can help you decide what is right – personally, legally and financially – for you and your family.

We can help not only with divorce and separation, but also with other family law issues such as pre-marital agreements, child abduction and agreements for couples who live together outside of marriage.

Divorce & Relationship Breakdown

If your relationship has broken down and you are facing a divorce or separation, you may be feeling anxious, angry and confused.

Our family team will help you deal with these feelings while also ensuring that you get the best outcome to secure a better future for you, and your family.

Whether you and your husband or wife have agreed to split amicably or one of you is contesting the divorce, we can help.

If the divorce is amicable, you may be able to benefit from our fixed fee option. Whichever option you choose, you’ll deal with specialists at every stage.

Fixed Fee Divorce – The Quick and Easy Option

If you and your partner have agreed to divorce or dissolve your civil partnership, our fixed fee option is quick, easy and gives you clear costs up front.

What You Get With Our Fixed Fee Divorce Option

  • We handle everything – from instruction to conclusion of the divorce
  • Peace of mind – Deal with experienced family solicitors at a top 20 UK law firm
  • Your own legal advisor – from start to finish
  • Quick – As long as you and your husband or wife respond quickly, you could divorce in as little as 4-6 months
  • No need to go to court
  • Clear costs up front

Child Custody, Access & Maintenance

If you and your partner are going through a divorce or separation and you have children, it’s natural to worry about how they will be affected. How will they feel? How will it affect them at school, or in later life? More immediately, who will they live with and when will they see their other parent?

We understand that divorce and separation can be very difficult to come to terms with, especially when children are involved. We have years of practical and legal experience in this area and can help you reach an agreement that works best for both you and your children.

What was once known legally as child custody is now referred to as residence. We still refer to it as custody here as this is the language used by most of our clients. Regardless of the terminology, you can be sure that our specialist children lawyers can offer expert advice on the issues that you and your family are facing.

Our specialist children lawyers can support you and offer expert advice on a range of issues that will affect you and your children, including:

  • Where children should live
  • Who the children should see and when (known as ‘contact’)
  • Financial claims for child maintenance, including for school fees and housing costs
  • Relocation (both in the UK and overseas)
  • Change of name, school and other specific issues

If you are a grandparent, and are worried about what will happen to your relationship with your grandchildren as a result of the separation, we can give you expert advice based on our experience in handling cases involving:

  • Child arrangements
  • Adoption orders