The nature of a criminal injury compensation claim can vary widely, often involving injuries that are both physical and psychological with long-term traumatic effects. You may have been a victim of:

  • Random or unprovoked street attack
  • Mugging
  • Knife attack
  • Burglary related assault

But regardless of the criminal act that has left you injured, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

We are able to make a claim to the CICA on your behalf for to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Am I eligible to make a criminal injury compensation claim?

In order for us to consider your claim, you case needs to meet certain criteria:

  • Your injury was serious enough to need multiple medical treatments by a doctor, hospital etc.
  • You were injured in an act of violence in England or Wales. An offender does not necessarily have to have been convicted of, or even charged with that crime.
  • The incident that caused your injury occurred less than two years ago, although some exceptions can be made where the injured party is a child.
  • You don’t have a criminal record.

How much compensation am I entitled to?

The CICA can provide various levels of compensation depending on the injury and circumstances. The amount of compensation awarded depends on the particular circumstances of the criminal act and the nature of the injuries sustained.

Below are a few examples of types of injury and compensation awarded:

Criminal Injuries Compensation Tariff Amount
Broken jaw with continuing significant disability £8,200
Loss of four or more front teeth £5,500
Broken nose causing loss of smell and taste £16,500
Serious, permanent eye injury £13,500
Loss of sight in one eye £22,000
Loss of spleen £11,000
Facial scarring causing severe disfigurement £11,000
Severe head or neck burns £16,500
Severe face burns £27,000
Burns Affecting multiple areas of body covering over 25% of skin area, with significant scarring £33,000
Persistent pattern of severe sexual or physical abuse over a period exceeding 3 years £8,200
Very serious brain injury £175,000
Paralysis of one side of the body £55,000
Paralysis of lower limbs £175,000
Paralysis of all four limbs £250,000
Source: accurate as of June 2013.

How much compensation will I get for assault, where I have more than one injury?

With a CICA claim for assault compensation the most serious injury is considered first and the foremost, and compensation for any additional injuries will be added at a reduced amount. The CICA will offer the full amount of compensation for the most serious injury. If you have two injuries, they will add 30% of the tariff amount for the second injury.

For example, if you have fallen victim to an assault or criminal injury and you have been left with a broken jaw and nose. You would receive the full amount of compensation for the broken nose, (£16,500) and 30% of the tariffed compensation for the broken jaw, (£2460). Therefore, the total amount of compensation awarded for your assault claim would be £18,960.

In the case of there being three injuries, the CICA would award 15% of the tariffed compensation award for the third injury. There are certain consequences that do not fall under this formula such as sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Please see the CICA website for more information.

Can I make a claim on behalf of a child?

It is not only adults who can be the victims of violent crime. Sadly, many children also sustain physical or psychological injuries as a result of a criminal attack or sexual abuse. In some circumstances the normal time limits on CICA claims may be waived allowing claims to be made many years after the event.

Where the victim is a child the CICA will generally retain the award in an interest-bearing bank account until the child is 18 years old.