Zero hour contracts have become widespread in recent times and provide access to jobs for many people, which is beneficial of course, but what is made of the denial of rights which these contracts also bring?

Up and down the country countless people are keenly waiting to be told whether they will be given the opportunity to earn any money today and ultimately whether or not they will be able to manage their bills this month.

This lack of job security and income is having a detrimental effect on our society and is dragging down the standard of life many of us have become accustomed to in this country and which many others hoping to come to this country aspire to having.

Zero hour contracts are essentially forcing people to live on a day to day, hand to mouth basis with no hope of stability or constancy and have shifted the power balance unfairly and hugely towards the employers leaving the employees with virtually no employment rights to rely on.

This is simply not acceptable in this day and age and the continuation of this silent acceptance can only lead to further masses of people being disconnected from society and being left to live in a constant state of limbo whilst the rest of us continue on our daily, monthly and yearly 9-5 grind.