Immigration is one of the key features of the history and success of the United Kingdom.

From the immigration of the indigenous population to foreign colonies in ages gone past to the more recent immigration of foreign citizens to the United Kingdom, it is clear that this is an issue which deserves and demands keen attention.

Although recently it has been attracting attention for all the wrong reasons and by all the wrong parties who seek to reduce immigration into this country without giving the issue due consideration and simply wish to use it as a tool to shape the country how they see fit.

For example, UKIP are pushing a policy which if enacted, would require immigrants to arrange private health care, private education and private housing as preconditions of coming to the UK.

This is clearly impossible for most immigrants entering the UK as the majority of immigrants come in search of a better life but with very little capital and assets to their name.

UKIP’s position is that the country is being abused by immigrants coming to the UK and becoming a burden on the state but history clearly suggests that, with a little help from the state, immigrants can go on to contribute immensely to the UK both economically and socially as well as culturally.

The influx of immigrants from the Indo-Pak subcontinent during the 1950’s continuing up until the 1970’s is clearly demonstrative of this as is the recent flow of European citizens coming to the UK who provide cheap skilled labour and work doubly hard in order to secure a foundation in this country.

To cut to the chase, as it were, we cannot simply place a uniform bar on all wishing to enter this country but immigration must of course, be controlled and continuously assessed so the infrastructure of local authorities can be improved to deal with the growing needs.