Crime Solicitors

Having been representing clients for over 15 years in the Criminal Courts here at ASL we are proud to say that we are experts when it comes to criminal matters.

We deal with general criminal cases on a daily basis and we represent people accused of any offence.

Cases have to be fought to be won and we believe in bringing the fight out in Court and challenging the prosecution to prove their case.

We also understand that criminal proceedings can vary from annoying to being simply terrifying for those not accustomed to the Courts and so deliver our service with sensitivity and respect.

Below is a list of the general criminal offences which we deal with on a regular basis:

Malicious allegations of domestic violence are becoming ever more commonplace and can impact hugely on the accused’s family life. That is why at ASL we take these allegations seriously and aim to put across your side of the story throughout the proceedings.
Thefts of high value can be dealt with by the Crown Court and can attract a custodial sentence depending on the circumstances. Therefore it is important you seek advice from a Solicitor before attending Court even if it is ‘only’ Theft you are charged with.
In cases where Police Officers have been heavy handed when dealing with somebody resulting in a confrontation between the two parties, that person is routinely charged with either of these 3 offences. These offences are dealt with by the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 and the Police Act 1996.
Criminal Damage can occur in a wide range of situations and people can often be charged with it even when they did not intend to cause criminal damage. If the value of the damage caused is over £5000.00 the case may be heard in the Crown Court.
The phrase ‘too good to be true’ echoes in the back of many people’s heads as they find themselves in Court charged with Handling for that bargain they got last week. However our promise that we will defend you to the utmost is not too good be true and you can count on us in Court.
There are many offences which, when racially aggravated, can attract heftier sentences and so all racially aggravated offences should be regarded as serious and advice from a Solicitor must be sought out as a priority.
With the advent of technology, what was usually a rare occurrence has become increasingly more common as this offence can now be committed in a variety of ways, including online on social networks and through SMS. With ASL on your side and the right preparation, these cases can be fought and won.
This offence is usually committed by youngsters who have taken their parents car out for a joyride but can also be committed by a person who has assumed consent of another and driven their car. The consequences can be severe for a person who doesn’t hold a licence and legal advice is strongly advised.
Although this is one of the lesser assault charges it can still warrant a custodial sentence from the Courts depending on the circumstances. More often than not, a person is charged with ABH when the injuries to the victim require some sort of medical treatment but not extensively.
Another driving offence which can cover a whole array of situations and can be applied by the Prosecution very widely. However, to secure a conviction the Prosecution must prove that the individual’s driving fell below the standard of a reasonable and competent driver.
The Public Order Act 1986 was designed to encompass offences committed in public where an individual has caused alarm, distress or fear of violence to another member of the public without directly addressing them. A conviction under any of the sections of the Public Order Act would rule a lot of employment prospects out for working professionals so legal advice is a must if you are charged under this Act.