The phrase Access to Justice will bring up all sorts of ideas in ones mind.

For legal professionals however, a more particular idea springs forth from the often misinterpreted phrase.

That idea is one of justice not in the simpler sense but in the more complex sense of justice within the Judicial System itself.

All lawyers will know, as I do, that this country prides itself on its legal system and the access to justice it provides to all bar none.

This however, is under attack and there is a growing likelihood that where once we stood proud as a nation we will stand abashed.

For a nation with one of the most developed and sophisticated legal systems in the world, it would be a dishonour of titanic proportions for it to be ravaged by those with little understanding of the need for such access to justice to exist.

The system which has provided justice to so many before us must be protected at all costs and I for one will pull no punches in the fight to save it from becoming a relic of the past.