Being able to afford the services of a lawyer can be a major concern which is why providing our clients with a service that is value for money is a top priority. Whether you’re a private individual looking for legal advice or a major corporation, ASL Solicitors tailor our services to suit your budget.

Depending on your case, options include legal aid or private fee funding. This will be discussed with you before the commencement of any work by us on your behalf.

Whichever option you choose, you can be assured of a transparent pricing structure from the outset and should additional costs be required in your case you will be informed well in advance. In some instances we can provide a free initial consultation or assessment.

Funding Options

Legal Aid can provide you with the financial help to obtain the expert advice you need.

It can help with legal matters including:

Criminal defence, including Police Station Representation and Representation at Court.

Anyone can apply for Legal Aid, but whether you qualify depends on your financial position. Even if you own your own home and have some savings in the bank, you may still be eligible for financial help.

Our team will advise you on whether you are eligible. Visit the Legal Services Commission website for further details.

For more information please contact our Birmingham Office on 0121 507 1030.

Should you not be eligible for Legal Aid or wish to pay privately, here at ASL we offer a competitive pricing structure for all private work.

For straightforward Magistrates Court representation we have a fixed fee structure we offer to our clients which will ensure the fee remains fixed as long as the case is not unusually long and drawn out.

We can provide you with an estimate of our costs, and will usually ask for some money on account.

We can also make arrangements to collect periodic payments from clients throughout the duration of their case to ease the strain of legal fees.

For more information please contact our Birmingham Office on 0121 507 1030.

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